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1994-1998.5 F & E series 7.3 Liter Powerstroke Turbocharger TP38  
Corresponding Part Numbers:
F4TZ-6VK682-CARM  or 1822775C92  
Core Charge of $100 per unit.
Item #: 468485-9004
Manufacturer: Garrett

1999.5-2003 F series 7.3 litre Powerstroke Turbocharger

Corresponding Part Numbers:1833545C91       
Core Charge of $100 per unit.
Item #: 706447-9003
Manufacturer: Ford

1998.5-1999.5 F250/F-550,E Series 7.3 liter Powerstroke Turbocharger

Corresponding Part Numbers:
Core Charge of $100 per unit.
Item #: 471128-9010
Manufacturer: Ford

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6.0L Garrett Rebuilt Turbo GT3571VA

Comes with variable vane actuator, fits 2004, 2005, F250, F350, F450, F550
Engine Ser# 6,155,638-6,344,942, & 2004 E Van up to S/N to 151,888,

OEM # 1854480C91, 1845178C95, 1846767C91,1843761C94, 1845322C91, 1846765C91,

Core Charge of $250 per unit.

Item #: 743250-9014
Manufacturer: Garrett

Ford Powerstroke 6.0 L Garrett Rebuilt Turbocharger GT3571VA , comes with variable vane actuator, fits 2003, 2004

Engine S/N 6,000,000-6,155,637,

725390-9002, 1837984C94,1837984C92,


1846764C91, 1840054C96,


Core Charge of $250 per unit.

Item #: 725390-9002
Manufacturer: Garrett

High-quality Turbocharger Repairing and Maintenance Services

Nozzle Masters is a well-established and independent turbocharger service company that is based in Orlando, Florida. We have retained the same location for over 34 years. We provide turbocharger maintenance and repair services in Orlando and areas around Central Florida. We are committed and focused on providing unmatched services in the field of turbochargers. Some of the core activities that we offer include Turbo Orlando repairs, overhauling, balancing, and supply of spare parts. Our level of services has remained the same ever since our establishment in the year 1985.Seasoned and qualified technicians

Over the years, we have hired a remarkable in-house team of seasoned technicians. With our knowledge and expertise in turbochargers, our clients are assured of reliable Turbocharger repair Orlando trusts on all the major types of turbochargers that are available on the market today.

Whenever our clients need an efficient solution for their Garrett Turbochargers Orlando problems, we are always ready to deliver the best services. Our technicians handle a variety of turbocharger installations, repairs, and routine maintenance services to guarantee smooth operation and enhanced efficiency. We can swap your turbo for reman turbo or rebuild following turbos:

 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Turbocharger

 1995-2003 Ford 7.3 Reman Turbo

 2004-2008 Ford 6.0 Reman Turbo

 2008-2010 Ford 6.4 Reman Twin Turbo

Premium Quality Turbochargers for Your Diesel Vehicles.

If you have a truck, automobile, industrial, marine, agricultural, or Holset Turbochargers Orlando that can no longer keep up with your current demands, there is no need for you to start looking for new replacement parts. At Nozzle Masters, we have a wide variety of turbocharger spare parts. We are committed to providing premium quality parts at competitive prices. We have an efficient logistics department that can effectively dispatch spares around Florida and the whole country. All our remanufactured turbo and injectors come with a 6 month warranty that is
consistent with our highest standards. We ensure that every component that gets to our workshop as gone through a series of rigorous quality checks.

Get Turbocharger spares and services at a Great Price

If you are in the market for preventative maintenance or repair services from the best Turbochargers provider Orlando has, then you have come to the right place. At Nozzle Masters, we offer turbocharger repair and routine maintenance services at competitive prices. Our great prices and high-quality services are some of the qualities that have earned us many repeat clients over the years.

Today, turbochargers are more complex and you can never trust just anyone with their maintenance or repair. You can trust Nozzle Masters to have the experience and knowledge to service and repair your turbochargers and remanufactured turbos with warranty. We are proud to stand behind our Turbocharger Orlando work by offering a warranty on all our labor..